April 02, 2009

If you like slow cookers, you'll love this!

Didn't think your classic crock pot could get any better or any easier? Check out these amazing innovations from the Home and Housewares Show!

The Crock Pot company has come out with a line of utensils specifically designed to work with your slow cooker. They have been designed with curved sides to get into each and every corner and curve of your appliance.

There was also a great new product from Sayno being demonstrated by Martin Yan. It is a three in one multi-cooker:

The base can be used as a slow cooker. He was a making some Kung Pao Chicken and used it almost like a wok!

There was an attachment to use it as a seamer as well.

Also a grill attachment! It's like three appliances for the price of one!

If you love your slow cooker, how about a speed cooker? With a locking lid, this product works in a similar way to a pressure cooker. You can create that tender and delicious slow cooker taste in minutes!

Here is a chef is demonstrating how quick and easy it is to cook with the speed cooker.

I noticed a lot of companies showing pressure cookers at the show. What do you think? Is pressure cooking an upcoming trend?

Is anyone interested in these new innovations and products or will you stick with your tried and true slow cooker?

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