February 08, 2009

Clipping Coupons

There is a fortune of savings right there in your Sunday newspaper! Take a look at all those advertisements and grocery store circulars in today's paper. In these tough times, savings of a dollar here and fifty cents there can really add up. Then, take into consideration grocery store incentives such as double coupons or earning "points" toward cookware, gas cards or even cash back. Nowadays, how can we afford not to clip coupons?!

For years I have kept my coupons in the "Coupon Organizer" pictured above. There are labeled sections for canned goods, health and beauty products, frozen foods, etc... It has been a great way to organize and keep track of my coupons.

If the old fashioned way of clipping coupons isn't your thing, nowadays there are countless coupon websites where you can search for the right coupons for you. Some can even be linked with your grocery store card can clipped "virtually."

Take a few minutes this weekend to clip a few coupons and save on your weekly groceries. Your wallet will thank you!


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