September 10, 2009

Top 10 Budget Cooking Tips

1) Cook in batches:
If you can find time over a weekend, spend a couple hours making and freezing meals in whatever size containers works for your family. Being a single person, I freeze everything in individual containers. This way I can grab a ready-made lunch and come home to a meal already done, which is wonderful after a long day, and I don't have to resort to fast food.

2) Make Soup:
Soup is easy, nutritious, filling, inexpensive, and freezes well. You can make a soup recipe from scratch or throw in any leftover vegetables or protein items. Add some bread and a salad, and you have a great meal.

3) Buy Beans:
Beans are a nutritious, inexpensive, and easy way to add protein and fiber to your meals. Use them for chili's, soups, salads, and appetizers such as hummus.

4) Go for whole grains:
Grains such as brown rice and quinoa are very nutritious and are good fillers for meals such as soups and filling tortillas.

5) Buy less expensive cuts of meat:
They are perfect for slow cooker meals, stewing, roasting, and marinating.

6) Go meatless a few times a week:
You will save money and reap health benefits as well.

7) Make your own snacks:
Packaged snacks are ridiculously expensive and definitely not good for you. Most are loaded with fat, calories, sodium, and chemicals you can't even pronounce. One of my favorite snacks is hummus with warm pita bread. You only need a few ingredients and it's made in seconds in a food processor.

8) Use fresh herbs:
And grow your own when possible! There is nothing like fresh herbs to enhance a meal. Buy in bunches at a local Farmer's Market and whip up quick sauces like pesto. Pesto and other sauces are so easily frozen by freezing in ice cube trays and using one at a time when needed for a quick meal.

9) Use leftovers:
But use them promptly! Sometimes leftovers are pushed to the back of the refrigerator and forgotten. They are great in soups, sandwiches, tortilla fillings, and salads. will save money and reap health benefits as well.

10) Make your own salad dressings:
A great way to save money and the taste difference in incomparable. It's also another way to use fresh herbs.

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Missie said...

Good tips, plus I love your website. I really enjoy reading about your food adventures! I like sites like this where you can find tips and recipes, but I also like reading about food travels, restaurant reviews, and fun things to do in other cities.

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