March 24, 2009

The future of baking!

Nothing is more fun than baking! From the smell of cookies fresh from the oven to decorating cupcakes, baking has a way of always putting a smile on my face.

The International Home and Housewares show showcased a lot of fun developments and innovations in the world of baking.

Let's start with Brownie Fun!

I fell in love with this pan designed to make individual, bite sized brownies.

And how fun is this! Brownie Pops!

If you love cupcakes, here is a way to make your favorite treat without even using a cupcake pan. These cups stand up on their own and come in a ton of fun colors and designs.

Do you ever want to bake some cookies but don't have any butter softened? Here is your answer!

Simply microwave this silicone container, place your cold butter inside (or cream cheese, if you need softened cream cheese). In just a few minutes your butter will be ready for baking!

Kelsey Nixon from Next Food Network Star was working with Pyrex and she showed me some of their new baking products.

She was demonstrating a blueberry muffin recipe and used this new muffin pan with a built in fill line. Now all your muffins or cupcakes will be the same size and you will never have the dreaded spill over from over filling the cups!

Pyrex also had this great cookie sheet with a guide for placing your cookies. Now your cookies won't spread and bake into one another!

Stay tuned for even more innovations and updates from the show!

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