December 21, 2008

12 Days of Savings - Day 9: Avoiding Mall Food

If you are anywhere near the Midwest today you know that it is cold. Here in Chicago it isn't your typical winter chill. It is that painful, can't feel anything from the tip of your nose to the bottoms of your toes cold! Even though the windchills were hovering around 30 below, we still braved the elements and took a trip over to the mall for some Christmas shopping. After a few hours of hitting the stores, our stomaches were growling and it was time for some lunch.

As a dedicated foodie, I have to admit that there is not much worse than mall food. It is over priced, not very healthy and just overall disappointing. After an overpriced cup of soup this afternoon I decided to post my favorite snow day lunch - tomato soup and grilled cheese!

Next time, I am going to make this soup of lunch before I hit the mall. It warms me up, tastes great and saves me from spending my Christmas money on mall food!

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