December 18, 2008

12 Days of Savings – Day 6: Resuscitating a Fruitcake

The dreaded fruitcake, it’s the gift that keeps on re-gifting. Some say this brick-like treat makes a better doorstop or doggie chew toy than a dessert, yet somehow we all get one at some point during the holidays. In order to follow my Budget Diva motto of “less waste, more taste” I set out to find a way to resuscitate this holiday staple.

The solution – a fruitcake parfait! I started with a package of instant vanilla pudding mix and spiked it with a bit of rum (you could also use rum extract). Then I cubed the fruitcake into small pieces and layered it with the rum pudding in a cute parfait glass. The top was garnished with a dusting of ground nutmeg and topped with a few of the candied cherries and nuts from the fruitcake.

A creamy bite of the rum pudding with a bit of nutty fruitcake really did transform this iconic holiday treat. Plus the dessert looked adorable layered in the parfait glasses!

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